Appearance Edit

  • 15 yo but looking younger, more like a little boy.
  • Perfect picture oh boyhood, healthy, fresh and handsome.
  • Red-haired, pale skin and freckles.
  • Large light brown eyes with pale eyelashes
  • Incredible acrobat and deadly with his ropes and blades.
  • Skin criss-crossed with thin white scars from training with his blades.

Personality Edit

  • Looks and behaves like a lazy, uninterested cat.
  • Doesn't speak much, but when he does it is a cascade of carefully crafted thoughts and words.
  • Really good as sewing close wounds. Very high pain threshold to cuts.
  • Knows how to pick locks.

History Edit

  • Bought by Master Aye when 9yo, Corbin is then 12yo.
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