• Minsuur Poppies: From Kedjist (Country). Purple. Pretty. Stems root if left for more than a day in water, producing horrible stench.
  • Axun feathers: from funeral vultures, used for writing of wills and long contracts. Supposed to write words that can't be broken by death.
  • Blue venom: blue ice as cold as dry ice, collected in the northern glaciers.
  • Butterfly Lilies: From the south. Harder to get now that a couple of neighbouring countries are at war with each other.
  • Cold-weed: A weed used at the General Mortuary to create the Funeral Conservant. Its long, leathery strands are preserved in oil until crushed for use. Used to be purchased in the wild-lands, but now cultivated by the Essiran morticians.
  • Corpse-packing: see "Funeral conservant"
  • Glass-ice: Smooth and clear to the point of transparency. Collected by the Evifiruh monks.
  • ​​​​Ebulean Horse: (think Akalteke) Chevaux incroyables de l’Ebulean princedom. “Chevaux volant”.
  • Emberwings: glowing insects from tropics.
  • Funeral Conservant; Made with blue venom ice and Cold Weed, in the General Mortuary. Used to envelop and preserve bodies on their way out to curial/cremation/etc... Due to its components, it is green in colour (prone to staining) and stores cold incredibly well while maintaining a thick slushy texture.
  • Jasper-coil; Seashell from the muddy southern and eastern shores of the closed bay. Seashell from the muddy southern and eastern shores of the closed bay.  Symbol of the royal family as their estate lives from the trade of those seashells. They are a coiled seashell of mixed cream and dark red color in under stripes. For some reason, the dark areas and cream areas give a different taste to the flesh of the mollusk, and so from the ratio of each comes different flavors. Some are completely cream, making for a sweet, appeasing flavor, and some completely red, making for a sharper, spicy flavor. The muddy beaches of the area where they are found being also cream colored, the sigil  of the family is a dark red chill on an ivory background.
  • Knights and Maidens (game):
  • Litvian wolf Fur (soft and cold to the touch). Fairly inexpensive in Litvia where it is considered impure and the white wolves are overly abundant. So it is used for packing.But Litvia is far away.
  • Nobu sap: Pungent sap from the southern forest. Yellowish. Kept in small air-tight barrels. Used to make the sap prints to print books. Dries and harden to an ugly brown. Drinks up a lot of ink when used the first time.
  • Rhynesian Glass: Beautiful light-conducting glass paste. Usually used in small objects like cups and lanterns. Mistress Miette's use of a Rhynesian glass for the life-sized statue of Ether during the wake was a huge deal because of it's size.
  • Sea vultures (funerals) Used in the consumption of bodies for the mortuary rituals of Axun, as well as to produce Axun feathers (see above). Once fierce, these are now pampered pets.
  • Shades: Noble woman’s mourning head-dresses
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