Description Edit

  • 17 yo but made to look older by his height, broad shoulders and his original scruffiness. Then by clever grooming.
  • Very tall teenager (2m tall). Massive, hairy feet.
  • Straw-like mousy blond hair, used to be long, now cut short.
  • Pale ice blue eyes, looking too candid.
  • Long oval face with angular jaws. High forehead with overhanging brows and bushy eyebrows. Straight nose, normal mouth.
  • Short, defined goatee with a thin line of beard along the jaw-line.
  • fresh, sparkling scar on his right arm, above the elbow.

Personality Edit

  • Sleeps curled on his right side
  • dreads glass roof
  • Hates cities and the capital especially
  • Hates horses and refuses to ride them since the day he broke both legs
  • Man of habits and routine. Control freak.
  • Blushes and barks in laughter uncontrollably
  • Very high threshold to pain, never faints.

History Edit

  • Can't clearly remember his parent's house.
  • Bought by Master Ayel when 7yo
  • Was his first apprentice and his favourite for 2 years, until Solya barged in. Taught how to read and do acrobatics. Best 2 years of his life.
  • Niss, 9yo, is picked up when Corbin is 12.
  • Broke both legs riding a horse
  • Been six months in Essirah at beginning of story
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